Can we use the Laptop while Charging? Here the answer

  • October 24, 2021
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Can we use the Laptop while Charging? Here the answer

Can we use the laptop while charging? This question is very controversial. Some people may respond Yes, and some may respond No. For the old laptops, you cant use them while charging. However, the recent laptops have lithium-ion batteries in them. For old laptops, the memory effect causes batteries to gradually lose their maximum energy capacity if they are repeatedly charged after being only partially discharged. Lithium-ion batteries don’t have this memory effect. So, you can use laptops while charging.

How does charging affect the battery?

Battery life is one of the main considerations of many of us when buying a laptop. No one wants to own a device that runs out of use within a few hours of surfing on Netflix. But the fact is that the battery life of any tech device will get goes down. It depends on how you use it and change or fast the battery wares.

Lithium-ion batteries have a set number of discharges. After it goes through this set number of discharges it can’t hold any more charges. Can we use the laptop while charging? If you are a person who uses a laptop whole the day, you may have confused about whether charging always lead to overheating of the laptop. So, The best way to keep your battery healthy is to maintain the charge in between 40 to 80 percent of charge.

Overcharging is not harmful to the battery

Use laptop while charging

There are several myths about your laptop battery that you need to stop believing. Can we use the laptop while charging? Most laptops today use lithium-ion batteries. So, overcharging the battery is not a problem and it does not affect the battery life span. These batteries can charge 300 to 500 times and they have an internal circuit to stop the charging process. This control system prevents overcharging which can cause the batteries to overheat and potentially burn. The only way for the battery to overcharge is if the charging system malfunctions. This will result in the battery heating up so you need to make sure to keep your laptop in a cool environment.

Some interesting facts about Laptop

There are 3 types of laptops. They are a student or casual laptops, notebooks, and gaming laptops. in every category of laptops, the common thing is the processer inside the laptop. The cores include dual-core, quad-core, Hexa core, etc. These all cores are categorized into 2, high-performance core and high-efficiency core. The high-performance core uses a high amount of battery and gives better performance. Whereas high-efficiency core needs little battery charge and it compromises on its performance.

  1. Students Laptop
Use laptop while charging

The battery life of student laptops is almost 4-5 hours. If you remove your charger from this laptop your screen light will get dim. This is an automatic setting of the device to provide more battery life. This process is happening due to the change of power supply from the direct plug to the battery. Using laptop while charging is not a problem. Batteries always have a limited capacity to provide power. So, there will be a notable impact on the performance of the laptop when we remove the charger.

  1. Notebook Laptop
Use laptop while charging

Notebook laptops are mainly preferred by businessmen and people who travel more. So, they need portability and battery backup to work effectively. The battery backup of notebooks is usually 7-9 hours. Using a laptop while charging is not a problem. It doesn’t show that much difference when plugged in powers supply and in working with battery charge. Because notebooks are designed to work efficiently in the battery itself.

  1. Gaming Laptop
Use laptop while charging

Battery backup of gaming laptops lasts only 2-3 hours. The battery of a gaming laptop works as a UPS. Because gaming laptops always have resources that use high power processer, 2 or 3 fans, RGB LED, etc. It also uses gaming accessories like a USB mouse, game controller, extra RGB lights. So, gaming laptops use maximum power.


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