Nutrients in chicken liver: Chicken liver health benefits


Can I eat broiler chicken liver? What are the benefits of eating it?

We are continuously hearing the side effects of eating broiler chicken. The toxins enter inside the broiler chicken and accumulate in its liver. The antibiotics, growth hormones, and pesticides injected into the chicken are very harmful to our bodies. All these kinds of degrading are common in social media. They claim that eating chicken liver may cause severe health issues or even cancer.

What is the reality? What are the chicken liver health benefits? Let us discuss this in detail.

People usually don’t buy chicken liver from stalls because of their different tastes in it. Sometimes it is used as food for pet dogs. Actually chicken liver is good for health. Because of the nutrients in the chicken liver: chicken liver health benefits. It contains protein, minerals, and vitamins in comparatively large quantities. So, it is one of the cheapest ways to get proteins to the body.

In 100 g of chicken liver, there is approximately 17 g of protein. Chicken liver benefits are countless. There are several nutrients in it. Chicken liver is good for health. Chicken liver health benefits are discussed a lot on social platforms and available online. Just go through the detailed explanation given here to know the health benefits of chicken liver and the best way to prepare it.

Nutrients in chicken liver

The nutritional benefits of eating chicken liver have to be discussed in detail because there are many misunderstandings about it. There are several benefits of eating chicken liver that we are unaware of. Most of the time we didn’t cook it and give it to children because of the myths we hear from others.

Chicken liver is the meat organ that contains a large number of essential nutrients like vitamins A, B12, D, E, K, and folic acid. Even though it contains cholesterol in a medium quantity it is not harmful to our bodies. There are several nutrients in the chicken liver: chicken liver health benefits. It is rich in protein, iron, and vitamin A. chicken liver contains about 72 percent iron in it and it helps in forming red blood cells. This prevents anemia and improves the immune system.

Chicken liver has a high protein, zero-carb macronutrient profile which helps a person in diet to weight loss. A 100 g of chicken liver contains 116 calories which is 6 percent of it. 34 percent of it is protein and total fat is only 6 percent. There is no carbohydrate present in chicken liver. The protein in the chicken liver is especially rich in the antiviral, anti-inflammatory amino acid lysine.

Vitamin A

The Vitamin A present in chicken liver provides clearer skin, stronger hair, and better night vision. Eating it will help to improve the health of their eyes, skin, hair, and nails. Vitamin A plays an important role in role in the cellular turnover of cells of the eyes and skin.

Vitamin K2

Chicken liver contains a considerable amount of vitamin K2. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for the body. This will strengthen bones, foster development, and demineralize teeth. The level of this in the chicken liver is approximately like, 3.5 ounces of the chicken liver containing 12 micrograms of K2.

B vitamin

Chicken liver is loaded with B vitamins. It provides an extra boost of pro-metabolic energy to pregnant women, growing children, and all who need it. The most important B vitamins in are vitamin B12, folate, riboflavin, vitamin B6, Pantothenic acid, and B1 thiamin.


Chicken liver is a great source of selenium. Selenium helps to beat the thyroid and increase our immunity. It is considered a pro-thyroid and pro-immunity mineral. Selenium is also a vital component of endogenously produced proteins called selenoproteins. This selenoprotein has an important role in reproductive health. Apart from improving immunity it also plays a vital role in DNA synthesis.

Health Benefits of eating chicken liver

Prevent anemia

Chicken liver is rich enough in highly absorbable heme iron to make a tangible impact on serum iron levels. Iron is essential for our body to get stay oxygenated. The deficiency of iron may cause anemia which leads to symptoms like fatigue, shortness of breath, cold extremities, and headaches. Women are especially susceptible to developing anemia, since menstruation, pregnancy, and childbirth all increase iron demands.

Helps Fertilization

The folate stored in the chicken liver is an important factor for fertilization and prevents certain birth defects. This folate also prevents tube development of the baby during the first stages of pregnancy. The chicken liver improves the stamina of men and increases fertility. The pantothenic acid in chicken liver helps the functioning of the adrenal system. Hence the production of testosterone also enhances.

For weight loss

We can use chicken liver for weight loss because of the fewer calories in it. It is an eating chicken liver benefit. If you are planning for weight loss include chicken liver in your menu. Because in 100 g chicken liver there is only 116 calories of energy in it. Chicken liver is high in protein and low in calories so it will help to improve body composition. Adding just a small portion of chicken liver to a meal may increase its overall satiety. We can definitely use chicken liver for weight loss.

Supports Dental Health

Chicken liver’s dental health benefits were first discovered by a dentist named Dr. Weston A. Price. He traveled around the globe to study the traditional diets of 14 different groups. The diet of all these groups differed but contains organ meat in all of them.   Lab analysis of organ meats like liver found that they were high in fat-soluble vitamins, including the yet-to-be-discovered vitamin K2, and he called it “activator X.”

Chicken liver for children

Children are always active and they need a high amount of energy for their daily activities. The small stomach of children will fill fast and most of the time they may suffer from malnutrition. To overcome this problem we can cook chicken liver for them because it contains a high amount of protein, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and selenium. All these are essential for kids to grow healthy. Selenium helps the functioning of our brain, and liver, the health of heat, and hormonal activities.

Supports organ health

Eating animal organs is good because of their ability to provide health and vitality to your internal organs. Chicken liver’s vitamin A content may strengthen your immune system’s thymus gland and help your heart function properly. Selenium is also a vital component of endogenously produced proteins called seleno-proteins. These special proteins handle reproductive health including DNA synthesis.

Chicken liver side effects

Chicken liver contains lots of nutrients and vitamins. So properly cooking and eating chicken liver is good for health. The amount of vitamin A in the chicken liver is high. So for a pregnant woman, it may cause issues like vitamin A toxicity if eaten in large quantities. The mode of storage and preparation is also important. If we eat chicken liver fry it may lead to health issues.

The fried dishes with the chicken liver are very tasty. But it is not good for your health. The nutrients in the chicken liver: chicken liver health benefits. The nutritious effect will not be there if you fried it. So always try to cook it as gravy to get the health benefits. Chicken liver side effects are related to the method of storing and preparing it.

Concerns regarding chicken livers

Chicken livers have been one of the most controversial foods over the last few decades. The high level of cholesterol present in the chicken liver is the main problem that most critics point out. There have been increased concerns that chicken livers are loaded with dietary cholesterol that affect the health of the heart. Studies have shown that the combination of saturated and Trans fat is the reason for increasing bad cholesterol in the body, not the cholesterol present in food.

Raw chicken livers are often contaminated with campylobacter and salmonella virus in it. Control the pathogens present in the chicken liver by cooking it in the correct way is the only method. Most consumers prefer pink color and a creamy texture liver dish and it may increase the risk of foodborne illness. Several cooking recommendations are available online to produce safe liver products with desired qualities.

Best way to prepare healthy chicken livers

Preparing chicken livers with little or no added fat and a little salt is the healthiest way to have them. Frying chicken liver for food is not good for health. Because it contains a high amount of fat in it. It may lead to an increase in body fat. Livers are prepared and cooked in different ways along with other ingredients in traditional cuisine across the world.

But the chicken liver is a potential cause of foodborne illness due to campylobacter and salmonella in it when it is not cooked. Proper cleaning storage and cooking are essential for a better result. The chicken liver contains a high amount of nutritious elements. They are beneficial for health and the body. Always try to boil the chicken and make some curry or gravy with it. It is always the better option.

The consumption of inadequately cooked chicken liver products may lead to the development of foodborne diseases. Undercooked chicken liver dishes are also reported to be associated with outbreaks and an increased risk of foodborne illnesses.

Misunderstandings about chicken liver

  • The liver of broiler chicken contains a high amount of fat. When we eat the liver it may cause fatty liver disease in us. It is not valid. The reason for fatty liver disease is an unhealthy lifestyle and obesity. The carbohydrate we conceive is the reason for fatty liver, not fat.
  • Another misunderstanding is that hormones and antibiotics injected in broiler chickens are stored in their liver. It is not valid. The liver never stores anything in it. It divides them into several components and passes into the body.
  • It contains a high amount of copper and is dangerous for our bodies. It is not valid. Our body uses the copper content of the liver in a healthy way. The inorganic copper enters into our body through metals or water and is harmful to our health. It may cause metal poisoning.
  • We get all the vitamins and minerals from vegetables. So, there is no need to eat chicken liver. This is another misunderstanding. Because chicken liver contains vitamins and minerals which help the body’s metabolism, give chicken liver to children at least twice a month.

What are the things to watch out for?

Even though chicken liver contains a high amount of vitamins in it you need to be aware of some of these things.

  • Pregnant women are not allowed to eat chicken liver in large quantities. Because it contains a high amount of vitamin A in it and it may lead to vitamin A toxicity.
  • The way you prepare the chicken liver to eat is also important. Never fry it to get delicious food. It will give a negative impact on the body. The level of fat and sodium in the body will rise when you fry it. It is better to eat broiler chicken liver as curry.

A tasty chicken liver dish

Though chicken liver’s nutrition profile is impressive, the taste may not be accepted by everyone. Pan-fry chicken liver with onions, mushrooms, or other low-anti-nutrient veggies. It is a tasty and healthy way of cooking chicken liver. Never deep fry the lover for more taste. Because it will increase the fat content and it is not good for health.

Chicken liver fry

It is one of the most commonly made recipes in various places in India. Wash the liver properly and chop it into about 3 parts. Add chopped onion and green chilies to hot oil in a pan and fry it for a minute. Use spices like cumin powder, coriander powder, and garam masala along with salt. After frying it for 10 minutes add soy sauce, ketchup, and chopped coriander into it. Never deep fry the chicken liver.


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