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It is unit 1 for the paper one of the UGC NET syllabus. TEACHING APTITUDE- NTA NET 2020. The subtopics listed under Teaching Aptitude discussed in the first part were,

  1. Concept of teaching

  2. Objectives of teaching

  3. Levels of teaching

when you analyze the syllabus, the fourth subtopic mentioned in the UGC updated syllabus is,

  1. Characteristics of teaching

Characteristics means nature. The first important characteristics of teaching is

a. Teaching is an art

Because every teachers use their own creativity to teach. They present the same concept in different ways.

b. Teaching is a science

Teaching is a scientific process. Because it is a systematic process involving logical steps. Even though teachers have different methods to teach the logic behind it is the same for all.

c. Teaching is a continues process

Teaching doesn’t stop. It is a lifelong process just like learning. As Robert Lee says “Education of a man never completed until he dies”.

  1. Learner’s characteristics

It is very important for a teacher to know the characteristics of a learner. Because only by knowing this, the teacher could adjust the methodology according to it. There are 4 major types of characteristics.

a. Personal characteristics

It totally depends upon age and gender. because, all the factors belong to the learner, both biological and social affect their learning.

b. Academic background

Prior knowledge and academic background of student matters while learning.  It is because of that, the whole development of the student is our ultimate aim.

c. Group structure

The number of students and the structure of the classroom are other characteristics. The social structure also matters

d. Cognitive structure.

Cognition basically deals with mental makeup. Attention span, memory retention, intellectual capacity, etc. come under this.

  1. Teacher’s characteristics

What are the characteristics of a good teacher? It’s not just the education of the teacher. Along with education, a good teacher should be skillful and have a good personality. Whenever the teacher improves these skills then only they could be the best. The skills of a good teacher include

  • Good communication skills,
  • Class management skills
  • Leadership quality

The teacher should have a positive attitude and should have a good sense of humor if the teacher wants to touch the heart of millions of students.


Q: When some students attempt to disturb the discipline of the class by making mischief, what will be your role as a teacher?

  1. Expel those students
  2. Isolate those students
  3. Reform the group with your authority
  4. Give them an opportunity for introspection and improve their behavior

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