Two Wheeler Driving Tips for Ladies – 25 BEST RIDING TIPS

  • May 29, 2021
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Two Wheeler Driving Tips for Ladies – 25 BEST RIDING TIPS

Two-wheeler driving tips for ladies Learn to bike ride is an important thing in life. Riding tips are always helpful for all the riders to be safe. here, discuss 25 highway riding tips for beginners. Learn to bike ride: 25 best riding tips.

Two Wheeler Driving Tips for Ladies

1. Choosing Lane

here we are going to discuss 25 best riding tips The first tip is about which lane you have to choose when you ride a vehicle. If you are on a 3 lane road, use the middle lane. Because it is safest while trespassers come to the road. If you are in a 2 lane road, choose the right side of the left line. The line will be slippery so, don’t ride through it. When you choose this position it will be easy for you to overtake the vehicle in front of you.

two wheeler driving tips for ladies

2. Always use indicators

Use your indicators always even you are on the highway or in the city. Your indicators should be the reflection of your mind. Whatever you feel in your mind, convey it to others through the indicators. Then only others could easily predict your movements.

3. Always use Mirrors

Never go for a ride without having a mirror in your vehicle. Two mirrors in the vehicle help you to cover both the left and right sides while driving. Just through a quick look, you will get a 3D model of your path. Suppose, a vehicle behind your approach at high speed, by using the mirror view you can easily give away to them. It is very helpful in long bike riding and mountain bike riding. The better way to change the riding lane is,

  • Step 1- Look at the mirror
  • Step2- Use indicator
  • Step3- Chech the mirror once again to confirm the safety.
  • Step4- Change the lane

4. Accelerate to change lane

If you need to change the lane, first you have to check the mirror and give an indicator. Never change the lane passively. Instead, accelerate and change the lane. The major benefit of this is, when an Overspeed vehicle passes you, accelerating the bike will help you to escape from hitting. even if you need to change the lane to left, accelerate, and change the lane. it will be most helpful in your long drives also.

5. Overtaking heavy  Vehicles

One of the major issues all riders face is overtaking heavy vehicles like lorry and container, etc. If you are riding through a 2 lane road and 2 heavy vehicles are there in front of you. Then you can choose the left side to overtake. If you overtake through the right side, there is a chance for the accident by a hit on the divider. Make sure that you have indicated the heavy vehicle driver with a horn and high beam. Overtaking through the left side is not legal. But in these kinds of situations, you can take the risk.

6. Do not Tale gate any Vehicle

Tale gating means drive too closely behind another vehicle. Sometimes we feel it as a comfortable way to ride. because, it helps in escaping from dust, heat, etc. But it is really dangerous. If that vehicle puts a sudden break, it will be very difficult for you to avoid the accident. Even if you ride with your friend, let him ride through the next lane. Always follow the diagonal relationship.

two wheeler driving tips for ladies

7. Observe and Judge other vehicles on Road.

Judge other vehicles on the road while you drive. Judge the type of vehicle whether it is rented or owned. and also the way they used to drive. As per logic, when people rent a car, they choose one that is above their ability. The driver may not be thorough with the guidelines of the rented car. Another type of driver is the lady driver. They may lack experience and it will reflect in their driving (for few cases only). Keep a standard distance from them.

8. Stay away from blind spots of another vehicle

Blindspot is a spot that is not visible in the other driver’s vision or mirror. If you are in the blind spot of a heavy vehicle, they will not know your presence until you give any signal. It is really dangerous. Indicated the heavy vehicle driver with horn and high beam.

9. Reduce speed while approaching the junction

two wheeler driving tips for ladies Junctions are always busy. people cr4oss the road and you can take U-turn from there. It is better to reduce driving speed while approaching junctions. Even if there is no one on the road, you need to slow down the vehicle.

10. See-through vehicles

See-through means looking through another object that is transparent. Try to look through the vehicle near to us. you can watch both sides through the mirror of the cars aside from us. The side view is very important to track the trespassers.

11. You are not racing

Keep in mind always that, you are not racing, you are touring. Racing is very dangerous while traveling. Even though your companions promote you to race never do that. Never be offended.

12.  Avoid 2-lane crossing

if you are traveling through a 3 lane road, never do 2 lane crossing. even if you give an indicator just cross one lane at a time. 2 lane crossing is very dangerous. it is because there is a chance of an accident when another Overspeed vehicle comes from the last lane.

13. Never overtake blindly

if you are in the right-side lane you may be frustrated to overcome most of the time. if the vehicle in front of you gives you the way, never blindly overtake the vehicle. if a heavy vehicle in front of you gives way you can see to the front side. that vehicle may saw some block in front.

25 best riding tips

14. Observe wind direction

normally people never observe the direction of the wind while driving. If the wind is in a perpendicular direction, it is safe to drive with a speed lower than your comfortable speed.

15. Always expect the unexpected

even when we were 100 percent sure on safety never ride at high speed. there always has a chance for something wrong to happen. expect some unexpected things always. never got o relaxing mode while riding. always keep on finger on the brake.

16. Careful with people crossing highways

take intelligent decisions. try to give way to the passengers on road. if you are confusing with the people crossing the road, press the horn. it will make them, afraid. and they will not cross the road suddenly. if there is no vehicle behind you, give way to them. show signal with your hand. then only they could understand the message you deliver.

17. Overtake with power

when overtaking another vehicle, down the gear, and bring power. in case, someone crosses the zebra line never ride in speed.

18. Slow down when your visibility is low

the presence of fog, smoke, etc will affect the visibility of the rider. then, you have to reduce your speed accordingly. never ride on overconfidence.

25 best riding tips

19. Headlight on

two wheeler driving tips for ladies always on your headlight while riding. other vehicles could easily notice you when the light is on.

20. Build a good riding relationship

build good relationships with other riders on road. just show some gestures to improve the positive vibe in the. it will gradually develop a good relation with riding partners.  this is very positive.

21. Consider Animals too

if possible try to save the animals on the road. if by chance you hit on some animals like dogs, try to save them if possible. if you hit on an animal, and it is not dead, just call some NGO organizations. they will come and save the animal.

22.  Always look ahead.

always look ahead while riding. observe the road through which you ride. hump, traffic, etc, should be observed.

23. know the meaning of lines

there are so many lines in the road. each line has different meanings. to know it just click here.


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