how to send message on whatsapp without saving number? It’s very simple

  • September 17, 2020
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how to send message on whatsapp without saving number? It’s very simple

how to send a message on WhatsApp without saving a number? It’s very simple Do you want to send a WhatsApp message to any unsaved numbers? come on, WhatsApp proves some features for you.


download from playstore
download from playstore

how to send message on whatsapp without saving number

Click to chat is a new feature of WhatsApp. Most of you may be unfamiliar with this facility of WhatsApp. This facility allows you to chat with an unsaved number. Normally we used to save a number in our mobile phone and then only it will be visible in the WhatsApp contact list.

Most of the time we need to save the number of strangers for some uses. Just like the phone number of different shops, online shopping, delivery boys, drivers, etc. When we save the number even if the privacy setting is my contact only, they can see our profile picture, last seen, and statuses. This is a privacy issue some of us face sometimes. Whatsapp provides a complete solution to this problem. WhatsApp trick 2020- How Send WhatsApp message without saving Number?

In the click to chat option, you can create a link that will allow you to chat with the person without saving their number. the person you need to chat should have an active WhatsApp account and you need to know their number. when you click the link, the WhatsApp chat automatically opens. it will work both on the phone and WhatsApp web.

LINK<full phone number in international format>

when adding the number avoid zeros, brackets, or dashes. add the country code along with the number.


An application is also available in the play store for the same purpose. Open chat is the application used for direct messages and chats in WhatsApp. This application is available in the play store. it is for sending a message in WhatsApp to an unsaved number. it helps to quick chat without contact, direct message for WhatsApp or WhatsApp business, and chat with anyone with a number.


– Open chat/Direct chat in WhatsApp with a phone number
– Chat to yourself if you want to make some notes
– Create and share your link of WhatsApp to let people easy to contact you
– Support both WhatsApp & WhatsApp business
– Lightweight and small size
– Remember your history numbers and let you find it easily



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