Which is the biggest novel in Malayalam LARGEST NOVEL IN MALAYALAM

  • August 31, 2021
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Which is the biggest novel in Malayalam LARGEST NOVEL IN MALAYALAM

The largest novel in Malayalam is Avakashikal (The Inheritors) by Vilasini (M.K Menon). This novel runs into 3958 pages in four volumes. malayalathile ettavum valiya novel. The novel was published in 1980. The novel won numerous awards like Kerala Sahithya Academy Award in 1981 and also Vayalar Award in 1983. It is the second-largest novel in the Indian language after Jeymohan’s Tamil epic Venmurasu.

biggest novel in Malayalam


Avakshikal is the fifth novel of the author Vilasini. It took almost 10 years for making this novel. The publisher of the novel is the world’s first writer’s co-operative ‘Sahithya Pravarthaka Co-Operative Society’. It was an exceptional work of art by its narration and content. And it was soon named as the finest work in Malayalam literature. After remaining out of print for years, Calicut-based Poorna Publications published the book in 2012.

Plot Summary

In this novel, Vilasini captured the saga of a family from Kerala settled in Malaysia through the streams of consciousness of a handful of its main characters. On the surface, it is a property dispute between cousins. But if you dig deep in down, you can see shades of the Mahabharata. There is also a fascinating underplayed love story between a jilted young girl and a much older man, a divorcee with a child, running in a parallel thread.

malayalathile ettavum valiya novel The novel deals with the property dispute issue between cousins. Velunni Kurupp a septuagenarian self-made millionaire is the main character in this novel. In addition, his greedy relatives who try to defraud him of his wealth are the main thread of this novel. Also a close friend of Velunni Kurupp, Krishnanunni, who is a leading lawyer is the protagonist of the novel. In conclusion, this novel depicts the minds of about ten persons belonging to four generations with great insight.


biggest novel in Malayalam

Vilasini is the pen name of Moorkkanatt Krishnankutty Menon. He is the author of the biggest novel in Malayalam. M.K Menon was born on 23 June 1928 and was also an Indian writer from Kerala. He wrote all his books in the Malayalam language. The first novel of M.K. Menon is Niramulla Nizhalukal, which won the Kerala Sahithya Academy Award in 1996. He is a well-known novelist, translator, and also teacher.


M.K Menon born at at Karumathra, near Vadakkancherry, in Kerala. He got his degree in mathematics from St. Thomas College Trissur in 1947. After that, he left for Singapore in 1953. He started his career there as an editor of an English monthly called ‘Indian movie news’. After 24 years of life in Singapore, he came back to Kerala in 1977. He was also a member of the Kerala Socialist Party.

First Novel

biggest novel in Malayalam

The first novel of M.K Menon, Niramulla Nizhalukal was published in 1965. This novel gives a vivid description of the lives of people from Kerala in Singapore during the Second World War. The Niramulla Nizhalukal is a remarkable novel that explains the tragic experience of life in exile. In this novel, Vilasini captures the complexities of Malaysian life which was ruined by japan during the Second World War. Also the lives of Malayalees who were overwhelmed by the boundaries of the great drama of life.

Vilasini, the author of the biggest novel in Malayalam, tells the story of Two decades of Singaporean Malayalees in this love novel. Hence, the characters in this novel are closely related to his real-life characters. This includes Whites, Tamils, Malayalees, and also Japanese. In addition, the characters are emotional and introverted. The honesty displayed in the portrayals of life also has been made a feature in this novel.


The published works of M.K Menon are,


  1. Avakshikal
  2. Oonjaal
  3. Thudakkam
  4. Niramulla nizhalukal, also
  5. Yathramukham


  1. Kaithiri (poem)
  2. Uthirmanikal (essays)
  3. Novelilekkoru kilivathil (essays), also
  4. Swa-le (journalism)

Vilasini also translated many novels into Malayalam including Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo and the Blind Owl by Sadegh Hedayat.

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