Google Input Tools Malayalam Download | Google Typing Tool Malayalam 2022

  • July 31, 2021
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Google Input Tools Malayalam Download | Google Typing Tool Malayalam 2022

Google input tools Malayalam which is also known as Google Malayalam keyboard or Google Malayalam typing tool. It is a tool that makes it easy to type in the Malayalam language. This tool is easy to use both online as well as offline. Let us discuss the google input tool Malayalam download. The peculiarity of this tool is that you can type in Malayalam or in your mother tongue using the English keyboard of your computer. There are Google translation IME and Google unicorn Malayalam also are available. The Google translation IME enables users to use a roman keyboard to input text into Malayalam languages. Google unicorn Malayalam is the best way of typing Malayalam languages on the user’s computer.

What is Google input tools /google typing tool Malayalam?

How to type Malayalam on the computer? Do you want to type in the Malayalam language in your system? It is very easy to use the Malayalam keyboard on your computer with the help of the Google typing tool Malayalam. You just need to download Google input tools Malayalam offline installer for windows 7,8,10 and Windows XP. The Google input tool Malayalam offline is a free software extension that lets you type in the Malayalam language with the virtual keyboard.

google input tool Malayalam
google input tool Malayalam

Google input Malayalam works on all devices that can access Google search, Gmail, Google translates, and YouTube. The Google input tools Malayalam for windows is an input form editor that allows users to type letters using the English QWERTY keyboard. Users can type a word using Latin characters and Google input software will convert the words into its native Malayalam script.

How to download Google input tools Malayalam?

The link to download Google input tools Malayalam,

Users can download the Malayalam typing tool by clicking the link above. On downloading this, you will get a WinRAR file and you have to extract it to install the software.

How to install Google Malayalam keyboard for Windows10?

To install Google input tools in Malayalam you have to download the full version of Google Malayalam input tools offline installer software for free.

The steps to install Google input Malayalam tools,   

Step 1

  • Download the Google input tools Malayalam offline installer.
  • Click the download option and download the software

Step 2

  • Select the downloaded software from the folder and double-click on it.
  • Click on the yes option and then install the software.

Step 3

  • There will be an option to select language on the right side of the lowest taskbar where you can change the language.
  • Change the language when you need to type Malayalam.
google input tool Malayalam

How to use Google input tool offline installer?

After installing the software, click on the language option in the taskbar and choose the Malayalam language.

You can change the language to English or Malayalam from here and access the settings of the tool.

To write in Malayalam, you have to write the words in English on the keyboard, and with the help of the word tool, they will be converted into Malayalam.

 A keyboard of Malayalam letters will appear on the screen as soon as you enable the on-screen keyboard from the toolbar.

How to type Malayalam in windows 10?

How to type Malayalam on the keyboard? Are you searching for a tool to type Malayalam in the word? On the desktop, there is an option to choose a language for typing. The default languages in the system are Indian English and US English. We can add Malayalam also in these settings.

google input tool Malayalam

The steps for selecting Malayalam as a typing language on the computer are,

  1. Open ‘language’ bar on the desktop.
  2. Click on ‘language preference’ to add Malayalam.
  3. Click on ‘add preferred language’
  4. Search Malayalam language in the list given and select it. Then, click ‘next’
  5. Tick on ‘install language pack’. This is a file with 7 MB data. Click ‘install’. It will take time to load the Malayalam language pack.
  6. After loaded completely click on ‘Malayalam’ and select ‘options’
  7. If you need Manglish typing also click on ‘add a keyboard’ and select ‘Malayalam phonetic’.
  8. You will get two keyboards in the system to write Malayalam. That are Malayalam in script and Malayalam phonetic.

How to enable Google Typing Tool Malayalam?

After installing this Malayalam typing tool, you can see an on-screen keyboard layout and language selection option on the taskbar. This helps users to type Malayalam characters easily. These Malayalam input tools function both online and offline. Because it has a dictionary database, macro automation, and a quick search for words and their meanings.

The Google input tools for windows 10, 8, and 7 is also available in the following 22 languages also;

Arabic, Amharic, Bengali, Gujarati, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Nepali, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Russian, Sanskrit, Serbian, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, Tigrinya, and Urdu. 

What are the benefits of Google input tools Malayalam?

  • Using the Google input tool is more comfortable to type in your language. For a better Malayalam typing Google input tool Malayalam is the first choice. The benefits of using this are,
  • The Google input tool Malayalam works both online and offline. So, with this tool, you can type Malayalam without any internet connection in your system.
  • There is an inbuilt dictionary in this tool. So, you will get word completion as suggestions.
  • If you need to write a word in English, you will get the English word at the top suggestion bar. So, you will not have to change the language into English.
  • You can use the tool in every app on your computer to type in Malayalam.
google input tool Malayalam


Google has created a Google input tool to type in specific Malayalam languages. There are both online and offline versions of this tool are available. You can use the online version by installing the tool from the plugin in the chrome browser. In this post, we have discussed about ‘Google input tool Malayalam offline installer’.

The new input tool came in two different setups. The first one is the Google input tools and the second is the language pack. The Google input tool requires one of the operating systems Windows 11/ 10/ 7/ XP/ 2000/ 2008/ 7/ 8/ server 2012 to run on the computer that it will be installed.   

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