how to make hanging flower pot with plastic bottle

  • September 6, 2020
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how to make hanging flower pot with plastic bottle

We can make the cement flower pot at home. Decorating the home and surrounding is the main hobby of all in this lockdown period. This is a very simple method. You have to buy 2 plastic flower pots of different sizes. A big and a small flower pot.




Ingredients for making a cement flower pot:

  1. Two plastic flower pots- a big and a small (with design outside)
  2. Waste pen barrel
  3. Cement
  4. M sand


Apply some oil inside the big pot. You can use any waste oil for this. Then, fill the small pots with sand or stones. This is to have a weight for the pot. Then only it will fix over the mixture. Apply oil outside the small pot.


Mix M sand and cement in a 3:1 ratio. That is, add one cup cement into 3 cups of M sand. Mix it well. Add water into it and mix. Fill a shovel of mixture into the big pot. Place the pen barrel in the center of it. It is to get a hole in the center of the pot. Place the small pot in the center of it. Fill the remaining cement mixture in it. Shake it well to mix.


After filling the mixture, put some cement powder on the top for a finishing look. It is to get the design perfectly. Wipe the sides of pots and clean the cement there.

Wait for 24 hours. One full day.


Remove the pot from the mold. Take a hammer and hit slowly around the plastic pot. Takeout the small pot. Remove the pen barrel. Here, you get a beautiful cement flower pot. Pour water at least 3 days. Use it only after that.


Add white cement to the pot. This will give a finishing look. You can also add terracotta paint on it. These two are optional.

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